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Conceptual & Exercise Videos, Animations, Homework Help, Quick Review, True/False, Multiple Choice Questions


Any device - Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Product Validity

22/07/2024 to 22/07/2025

Product Description

Study from the content prepared by around 50 skilled academicians. The chapters have been dealt with as per the specification provided by the boards. Every chapter has been explained with the help of 15-20 videos, 10-15 animated content where a character teaches the concepts to the student, fully solved and well explained questions of the exercises, a revision section designed in the form of a PowerPoint to let them go through all important points before the exams, the Let’s Revise section which has around 10,000 questions to develop the student’s problem-solving skills and the Discussion Room where the students can share their screen with other UnfoldU users, wholly or partly, to use the white board for combined study.

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